Wool garment care instructions

  • Wool naturally repels dirt, which means that you can use wool garments for a longer period of time between each wash than you can with other garments.

    Just airing them goes a long way, particularly in humid weather. The moist air takes dirt and bad odours with it as it passes through the garment.

  • When it is time to wash your wool garment, the best way is wash them carefully by hand.

  • You can also use your washing machine’s wool/hand wash settings for wool garments

  • Washing water temperature should be 30ºC

  • Do not tumble dry !

  • If you wash by hand, make sure you do not leave the garments lying in water.

  • Excess water should be squeezed out using a towel – never wring.

  • Reshape woollen garments after they have been washed and spread them out to dry on a flat surface so they keep their shape.

  • It’s important to follow care instructions!

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