• The Customer has right to return the goods within 14 business days; Before returning the product(s), the Customer has to notice KENA via e-mail and ask for the returning application.
  • To return the product(s) it must be in an unused condition and include all labels and other documents included in the parcel. Proof of purchase and shipping is required.
  • To refund the product(s) it must be returned in its original state and in original packaging.
  • The Customer must pay all the returning expences
  • If a Customer notices product non-conformity or defects, they must immediately notify KENA (via e-mail
  • The Customer has 14 days to return the faulty product.The correct product will be posted as soon as possible after the faulty product has been returned to Seller. The shipping costs will be paid by KENA in the case of faulty or wrong products(s).
  • Seller will return the money as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days after the product arrives to KENA. The money will be refunded to the same bank account it was paid from.
  • KENA( Treco OÜ) will take responsibility for product non-conformity and defects
  • KENA (Treco OÜ) will not take responsibility in the following cases:1. Customer has damaged the product;2. Shortcomings that have appeared due to wrong usage of the product;3. Failure to follow care instructions;4. The product has physically worn off due to normal usage.

If you have any questions please send us e-mail: or call us +372 56210132